Call Center and Office Headset

Daily 2030 SoundPro Mono Headset QD

Item No.: Daily 2030
Mono Call Center & Office Headset
Acoustic shock protection circuit
Plastic Mic arm 330-degree-plus rotation
Professional call centers and offices demand the best from their headsets. Daily headset 2030 stylish plastic mic boom, comfort audio quality and durability necessary for dealing with the special requirements in contact center and office environments. It is configured for business and contact center professionals. Hand-made Neodymium speakers provide max frequency response and enhanced noise cancelling technology, resulting in greater call clarity, fewer misunderstandings and better customer service all round.
Daily 2030 Mono headset with Quick disconnect feature. It can work with wide range headset adaper, RJ9 cable, USB cable, 3.5mm jack for traditional telephones, IP hard phones and soft phones.

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