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Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design, unsurpassed quality protect users hearing safety from harmful sound spikes and other loud noises over 118dB. We put much emphasis on work safety and hand-free operation for the enhanced productivity. The proper use of a high quality headset can greatly improve work productivity and clear communication as well. It can let you hand-free to use PCs, type, and leaf through papers while talking on the phone. Technology for communication has greatly improved over the decade. And this development has made a lot of businesses maximally efficient and productivity. Multitasking has gotten so much easier. You can talk to clients while doing other things such as typing away on your computer, walking over to a meeting, shopping, et cetera. A great Ergonomic designed headset blocks out surrounding noise, deliver a full range of sound that enables you to not only hear clearly, but also speak clearly. The most highly-recommended Daily headset can protect users hearing safety and make communication a consistently crystal clear and comfortable experience with your clients and improve productivity. The ones commonly used for businesses, like the familiar ones most people see being used by customer service representatives or call centre agents are created for the greatest comfort of the wearers. The ergonomic design headsets can be worn for hours without causing soreness around contact points, like the ear cavity. They also have noise-cancelling features which are just fantastic especially in a busy work environment where people are talking all the time and it's easy to get distracted by all the noise around you. With these features, not only will you be able to concentrate better on the conversation, but you get to understand the person you're speaking with really well and vice versa.


Improve Productivity

A study showed that people with headset have an actual overall increase in productivity up to 43% as compared to the control group. Telephone related work-time were greatly reduced, repeat call were made without interruption, time-intensive task like typing on a PC were done more efficiently, error-rates were reduced, improved service noticed. Most importantly, people with headset placed an average of 16 more calls per day as compare to using normal telephone handset.