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Daily 2015 Duo Call Center Headset QD

Item No.: Daily 2015
Adjustable metal headband
Noise-canceling microphone
Quick disconnect feature
Description Features Application Instructions
Professional call centers and offices. Daily 2015 duo headset noise canceling microphone, plastic mic boom, comfort audio quality and durability necessary for dealing with the special requirements in contact center and office environments. It configured for business and contact center professionals. Hand-made Neodymium speakers provide clear frequency response and noise cancelling technology, resulting in greater call clarity, fewer misunderstandings and better customer service all round.
Daily 2015 duo headset with quick disconnect feature. It can work with wide range headset bottom cable, RJ9 plug, USB connector, 3.5mm jack for traditional telephones, IP phone and soft phones.
Noise cancellation monaural headset for office, contact centers, IP-phone
Ergonomic design, Over-the-head wearing style
Adjustable metal headband
Noise cancellation microphone
Flexible plastic mic boom for 330 degree swivel
ASP (Acoustic shock Protection) to protect hearing
Quick-disconnect function
50mm size ear cushion for more comfortable
Certificates: CE FCC RoHS
Warranty: 2 years
Choose a suitable headset adapter for call centers, offices, IP phone, internet communication, any noisy environment.
Different telephone brands and models may be different at the headset jack configuration. If you are not sure your phone headset jack configuration, please don't hesitate to contact us.
The headset is equipped with a Quick Disconnect cord to connect directly to the telephone's headset jack. No driver, amplifier or dialer is needed to operate.
To use the headset, insert the connector into the headset port of a compatible telephone.
Adjust the length of the headband and turn the earpieces slightly until the headset fits comfortably.

To optimize the position of the microphone, adjust the flexible microphone boom in the right direction so the microphone is close to the corner of your mouth.
Attach the clothing clip at a comfortable level to keep the headset properly positioned and free form the cord's weight.